With Your Help

We will:

Revive the cultural heritage of Liberia and promote awareness of the richness of Liberian culture to the widest possible audience.


Teach children a sense of identity, dignity and national pride through Liberian culture.


Use theatre and dance to create awareness about issues relevant to the communities in which they live such as HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy and drug abuse.


Enhance youth’s IT knowledge allowing them to connect with their peers in other parts of the world.


Encourage peace, harmony, discipline and unity among all Liberians through traditional songs, dance, drama and storytelling.



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HIV-AIDS Awareness Campaign

The global problem of HIV-AIDS cannot be solved by one nation or a single institution .The LDT, worked with over 150 war-affected children each year in Buduburam, is concerned about the fast spread of this pandemic. The LDT has therefore chosen to create awareness among its young participants and the communities about the dreaded disease. As a traditional dance group, the LDT creates its awareness campaign mainly through dance drama. Awareness raising activities are carried out in primary schools where the troupe deploys trainers to speak to students about the effect of AIDS. Additional discussions are done during organized outreach programs, and at the LDT Culture Center. This makes the construction or the renting of a hall necessary for the Liberia project.

DRUG ABUSE Awareness Campaign

LDT focuses on preventing drug use and alcoholism in our community. We emphasize on illicit drugs since they were widely used by young people who were forced to participate in the war. Many children were drugged and hooked on the substances that were given to them. Aware of the problem youth went through during the war days the LDT intensifies the campaign against drug abuse among its participants and the community at large.

TEENAGE PREGNANCY Awareness Campaign

Teenage pregnancy is a serious issue plaguing our communities. We continue to play a pivotal role in making young people and their parents know that early motherhood can be detrimental to both their development and education. Hundreds of malnourished babies and their young mothers, some of whom are as young as 14 years old, can be seen visiting roaming our neighborhoods.

CULTURAL Awareness

The war that forced us out of Liberia did not only destroy the economy, infrastructure and kill thousands; it also seriously desecrated the culture of the country. Consequently, children brought into exile or born in refugee camps continue to suffer detachment from their national heritage, and lack of knowledge of their Liberian culture and history. The Liberian Dance Troupe works in this area making it a key component of its programs. Thus ensuring that the participants and members of the community reconfirm their identity, dignity and national pride.


With assistance from friends of the LDT living abroad, we are currently providing limited primary,junior and senior high schools support to 20 vulnerable children who were active participants of the LDT programs in Ghana. These scholarships cover school fees for the children each academic year. We believe that education is the best gift that we can give the children. While we established in Liberia, we hope to increase this support with the help of those who believe in our vision.


LDT understands the immense importance of computer literacy in the 21st century. Therefore, we endeavor to equip the children with computer knowledge and skills. While working in Buduburam, LDT provided over 50 children with the opportunity to attend computer courses with trained instructors. Our program in Liberia will not be complete without continuing this component.


The LDT is solely a non-profit traditional dance organization seeking to encourage its young participants by providing them with skills and educational assistance. Anyone sharing this idea can support this program by volunteering in any of the areas of concern to the LDT or making a Donation to the program through our contact.


LDT invites those with creative arts, music or dance backgrounds to inquire about available volunteer opportunities. We are looking for individuals who can help develop our program further by building upon our foundation. While we primarily teach Liberian dance, we invite those who can expand upon our current operations with emphasis on creative approaches to learning. LDT is also looking for donations to expand our operations and establishment in Liberia. With our success in the Buduburam Refugee Camp, LDT would like to operate actively in Liberia. We hope to increase our capacity in Liberia to encompass more educational projects for the war-affected children in the country.


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